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Managing Workplace Relationships

Different relationship and power dynamics occur in every workplace, including yours.  In most cases  the issues can be resolved amicably, and much can be learned from it.

However there are times when your relationships can become strained and situations can get ‘stuck’ and awkward.

Where you have a breakdown in communication, relationship or service within your workplace, you can get help through the professional intervention of an informal or formal dispute resolution process.

Your workplace relationship issues can be assisted by using one of our services:


When you need to resolve a dispute, EAPworks is able to provide you with experienced professional mediators.  This service provides  you with an informal or formal mediation process, and helps get things back on track, instead of wasting your valuable time and energy.

An Employment Lawyer can be made available for employers dealing with more intensive mediation and workplace conflict resolution. These experienced consultants aim for a mutually respectful outcome and to restore working relationships fairly.


This service is often used where an impartial and independent  trained facilitator is needed to assist your group to discuss and / or process issues affecting individuals and teams within your workplace.  Such a service helps your team grow and move forward positively with whatever your current issues are.

Harassment/Workplace Bullying Support

If you or your workplace or team  has an issue  with workplace bullying or harassment, help is at hand!   These situations can potentially be very serious.

EAPworks can provide you with support and strategies to assist in dealing with these situations that  can be very distressing and detract you from being able to focus on your work.

We have experienced personnel and relevant resource material available to assist you.  Don’t feel alone in coping with it.  Give us a call on 0800 SELFHELP, or email us to

MBIE Guide to Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying