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Supervision & Coaching

Developing and empowering you as a person to reach your potential and to chieve your personal and career goals is a key factor in enhancing a positive work community.

EAPworks’ experienced and accredited personnel offer the following:

Professional Supervision

EAPworks provides professional supervision in your workplace.

You can have regular meeting with an accredited supervisor as a real and practical support to you within your workplace, particularly  useful if you are in the helping profession.

Supervision provides a safe and confidential place to:

  • Maintain your self care
  • Reflect on your current practice and performance,
  • Encourage your own skill development, and
  • Develop strategies to enhance  your  wellbeing.

It is great to have your own personal time where you can get perspective on all that is happening professionally and feel very supported.

Team or group supervision is also available for your colleagues.

Personal Mentoring and Coaching

If you want to develop  your performance  to maximize  your personal fulfilment and success, you will find  personal mentoring and coaching very helpful.

This can benefit you whether you are the newest employee or the most senior manager.

Your sessions are personally designed to meet your individual needs and help you achieve the goals that are important to you.