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EAPworks offers practical help and resources to you as a Principal, Teacher  or Syndicate Leader as you deal with people in your team or  to manage challenging situations that arise.

We can assist you with:

  • EAP support for you as a staff member – means that when you as a Teacher are stressed  or overwhelmed by the demands of your class or job, you can give us a call and have professional, practical and  independent help quickly, or even a safe place to download to…
  • Group sessions for your Syndicate to grow your team
  • Facilitation  – when you need an independent person to facilitate a group meeting to achieve a desired outcome
  • Critical Incident support to you and your team following a crisis or trauma
  • Professional Supervision/ Coaching and mentoring when you want to develop your professional or personal skills
  • Working with  your Management team to enhance  your team effectiveness
  • Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator ( MBTI) profiling for you as an individual or for your team – this Temperament indicator will assist your  team to understand each other, each other’s communication style and reduce possible areas of conflict
  • Career planning and development – helping you get really clear where you wish to progress to in your career plan.  “Should I take this job?’, ” Is it right for  me to aspire to be a Principal?”, or even” I have been a Principal for a long time – time for a change –  what else can I do?”