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Health Sector Services

EAPworks has extensive experience within the Health sector and we offer you our ‘tried and true’ professional  services:
  • Professional Supervision – for those in senior Health roles where the demands are huge and the pressures relentless – we provide a safe and confidential place to “tell it like it is”, and to gain skills, strategies and support to assist you to be in your role effectively  for  the long haul
  • Management Mentoring/Coaching – where you want specific skills development or goals achieved, our trained personnel will assist
  • Team Facilitation  – sometimes it helps to have an independent facilitator who knows the industry and the challenges you face, to help your team work through an issue, or get some input into your situation
  • Team Building  – taking time out to focus on your team really makes a difference
  • Peer Support Team – we assist your team to be the best it can be with:
    • How to plan for and implement your Peer Support programme
    • Training for the team – keeping your skills honed
    • Supervision – ensuring safe and ethical proactive by all members
  • Training/Facilitated topical sessions relevant to team/healthcare environment – we deal with practical topics of Compassion Fatigue, Coping with multiple deaths, Coping with challenging behaviours, Resilience, Vicarious trauma, Work-Life Balance – to name a few
  • Conflict Resolution – having access to independent professional assistance when you have an issue in your team is invaluable
  • MBTI profiling for individuals and teams – helping you understand each other and your differing communication styles
  • Training  you as a Team Leader/Manager in Critical Incident  Stress management
  • Career planning and development – we have trained professional Career consultants to help you clarify your career path, and overcome any obstacles, or look at retraining options if needed
  • Organisational Change Support/ Outplacement – we have supported many individuals and teams going through unchosen transitions in the workplace and can assist you practically if you find your role/team being changed or dis-established

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