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Types of EAP referrals

You can access EAPworks in three main ways:

Self Referral

You as an employee can contact the service independently for a confidential appointment to deal with personal or work issues. A telephone call to 0800 SELFHELP, fill in an online appointment form, or an email to will access the service 24/7.

Informal Referral

When you as an employee seek help at the suggestion of a manager, co-worker, employee representative or supervisor, without any formal action being taken.

Formal Manager Referral

This type of referral is when you as a Manager may formally offer an employee the option of participating in the programme , usually when there is a serious concern or there has been impaired work performance.

Examples of Formal referrals:

  • When your employee requires specialist help or information e.g. drug/alcohol issues, medical, legal, financial.
  • Where the presenting issue is outside your knowledge and training.
  • In a situation where it is important that you as a manager maintain a level of independence, not confusing personal and professional boundaries.
  • Where your employee indicates they have a problem/issue that they do not wish to share with you ┬áthe details, but want assistance in dealing with it.
  • Where your employee has impaired work performance, and you wish to offer them an opportunity to identify and deal with any underlying issues that may be affecting performance, before commencing any disciplinary process.