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For Managers

Having an EAPworks Employee Assistance Programme in your workplace will make a significant difference to you as a Manager in a number of ways.

Firstly, it acknowledges the importance of your people. It demonstrates practically that you care for your employees. It also means you have high level support when you need it and access to resources targeted to issues that you have to deal with. Being able to email or pick up the phone and access professional assistance gives you a strong foundation to build upon when a situation arises.

Your EAPworks programme  is also an important part of your Health & Safety programme.

Programme goals

  • To provide all of your employees with early-intervention assistance when personal or work-related issues arise, in a way that is confidential, impartial, independent
  • To provide you as a Manager or Team Leader with a professional referral service  to use when you identify the need to assist one of your employees with personal issues or impaired work performance.
  • To provide you with a range of personal and professional development services that benefit both you as an individual and your organisation, thus promoting a positive work community.
  • To provide you with a range of professional resources when you need them

Principles of the Employee Assistance Programme

Where it is established that there are personal issues impacting on your or one of your employee’s work performance, you can make a referral to EAPworks, and the following principles will apply:

  • You will be treated with sensitivity, respect and dignity at all times.
  • Your confidentiality  is safeguarded at all times.
  • Every best endeavour will be made by EAPworks to provide the right support and resources for you. It remains the your primary responsibility to own your issues and effect the changes that you need or desire.
  • The service is available to you as  regardless of your role or any other factors that may be perceived as discriminatory.
  • The service can often be a useful means of providing professional support to assist you or your employee to regain optimal work performance. The service is however not designed to form part of your disciplinary process and cannot be used as such. Rather the service is one of the early interventions that can help address some of the issues that may have contributed to your employee’s impaired work performance. The service is voluntary.

Managing Trauma, Loss and Grief in the Workplace


Written for employers, business owners, board trustees, senior executives, HR, managers and supervisors, this ground breaking handbook is an essential tool that will support organisations in the development and management of their health, safety and wellbeing culture. It was developed in New Zealand by Skylight, in partnership with EAPworks.

The handbook is a straight talking and strategic document. It addresses the significant challenges of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace and the implications of these on productivity and financial outcomes.

Preview the Contents and selected pages HERE.

It provides:

  • Core information to increase your understanding about the nature, impact and costs of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace
  • Practical guidelines to assist you to support employees, clients and customers through difficult situations and show them they are valued
  • Resilience building strategies for you and your team
  • Sources of additional help as necessary.

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