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The following service features are incorporated into every EAPworks programme:

Prompt Assistance 24/7

Support and advice is available to you on a 24 hour on-call basis 365 days/year

EAP Counselling:

Trained counsellors have a wide range of skills and experience. Key areas include: grief, relationships, stress, parenting, drug and alcohol, family violence, workplace issues (including change management, harassment, bullying and conflict), and career development.

Management Assist:

The service provides you with resource material and strategies to deal with issues you face in a collaborative and professional manner.

A System for Manager Referrals — Formal and Informal:

A formal and informal referral process provides you with an effective management tool.

A formal manager referral occurs when a you as a Manager complete a Referral Form (online) and contact us about the referral.

Your employee then contacts EAPworks for an appointment. At the conclusion of the sessions, agreed feedback is given to you as appropriate, in consultation with the client.

Trauma/Crisis Support Service:

EAPworks provides you and your organisation with prompt access to Trauma/Crisis support when you need it.

Examples you may need to deal with include on-site workplace accidents, armed hold-ups, and employees witnessing something traumatic in the course of their duties.

A critical incident support request is actioned immediately upon receipt of notification and our counsellors aim to be on-site well within the 24 hour response period.

Formal Reporting and Regular Feedback:

Information on service usage and trends is provided to you to assist you in your HR and legislative requirements. Reports that reflect statistical and organisational trends are customised to the needs of your organisation. We can include:

  • Number of your employees accessing EAPworks
  • Breakdown of types of issues
  • Demographic data of clients seen (client type, age, gender, ethnicity, referral type)
  • Any trends/organisational issues apparent
  • Formal feedback after critical incident response
  • Note: the reporting format will ensure that none of your  employees can be identified from the data as this would breach employee/counsellor confidentiality. Data is collated and provided for statistical purposes only.


Additional Features

The following service features are integrated into EAPworks programmes as required:

On-site Support:

Regular on-site EAP support to your workplace provided by independent professionals as required.

Employment Lawyer:

An Employment Lawyer can be made available for employers dealing with more intensive mediation and workplace conflict resolution. These experienced consultants aim for a mutually respectful outcome and to restore working relationships fairly.

Developmental Workshops:

Customised workshops with relevant workplace topics are available to you throughout the year
e.g. wellness topics, budgeting, handling conflict creatively, workplace stress.

Site Theme Weeks:

Workplace “Wellness Programmes” are supported by co-ordinating brochures, posters, workshops, and on-site support where requested.

Brochures and Handouts:

On-site brochure stands are serviced with informative self-help material covering a wide range of subjects. Pamphlet topics cover personal, workplace and community issues.


Personal and Business Coaching:

Coaching offers an on-going partnership with you designed to give you a range of lenses to focus on yourself and your situation through,  providing insight, objectivity and solution-orientated action planning.

Specialist Services:

Counsellors have a range of skill and experience in key areas – grief, parenting issues, drug and alcohol, family violence, power and control issues, understanding of workplace contexts – especially change management and relationship dynamics. Couples counselling is a core skill and counsellors are highly skilled in dealing with relationship issues. A number of counsellors are DVA-accredited to deliver stopping violence programmes and others are skilled in substance abuse counselling.