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What is EAP?

‘EAP’ or ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ is a generic term for a recognised professional workplace staff support service that assists you as a manager or as an employee with practical solutions-focused guidance, counselling, training and resources for managing personal, work or life issues.

‘EAPworks‘ is the name of our EAP programme.

Your EAPworks programme is funded by your workplace as a real practical benefit to you. It is also part of your Health and Safety programme.

As an employee, it means you know that your organisation practically cares about you and want to ensure that  you can get professional help quickly when you need it  – just an email or phone call away – 24/7.

As a Manager, it means you have independent support when you need it to handle challenging situations. It gives you a professional tool in your toolkit to offer your employees when a need arises.  You can access help or give us your feedback on your website section for ‘Managers’…and we have specific on line resources available for you also.

Our EAPworks programme also includes professional support if your organisation has a crisis or a traumatic event that impacts on your people and workplace.  You can call us immediately if a critical incident occurs in your workplace.

We also offer a range of allied services for individuals and teams – such as professional Supervision, Career planning, Change support, CV preparation, Mediation and Facilitation.

Our goal is to for our people to add value to your people and to  assist  your organisation to be the best they can be!

Who is EAP for?

EAP is for you ! whether you are  a manager or employee of  your organisation,  whether your workplace has 2 or 200+ staff.

We tailor our EAP programmes to meet the needs and culture of your organisation.  We want to provide an EAP programme that works for you.

Our service is strictly confidential, independent and non-judgmental.